"Sisters" is the third episode of VR.5 and was never aired during the show's original broadcast in 1995. This episode guide is from the VR.5 FAQ and was originally written by the authors of the FAQ.

Episode Information
Title Sisters
Season 1
Episode 3
Airdate N/A
Written by   John Sacret Youn
Directed by   John Sacret Young
Episode Navigation
Previous Dr. Strangechild
Next Love and Death

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Syd investigates the mind of a bank teller who she discovers is stealing. She finds in the VR experiences that she enjoys the sense of danger and excitement related to the excursions she becomes involved with throughout this woman, Janine. This episode also explores Syd's lack of control of the events in VR as well as setting her on a quick course in self-discovery.

Cast and Crew[edit | edit source]

Main Cast[edit | edit source]

  • Lori Singer (Sydney Bloom)
  • Michael Easton (Duncan)
  • Will Patton (Dr. Frank Morgan)

Guest Stars[edit | edit source]

  • David McCallum (Dr. Joseph Bloom)
  • Kimberly Cullum (Young Samantha Bloom)
  • Kaci Williams (Young Sydney Bloom)
  • Colleen Flynn (Janine Messersmith)
  • Willie Garson (Pervert)

Crew[edit | edit source]

Written by: John Sacret Young
Directed by: John Sacret Young

VR.5 was created by: Adam Cherry, Geoffrey Hemwall, Michael Katleman, Jeannine Renshaw, and Thania St. John

Executive Producer: John Sacret Young
Co-executive Producer: Thania St. John
Co-executive Producer: Eric Blakeney (2,3,5,6,8)
Supervising Producer: Michael Katleman
Producer: Naomi Janzen (2-10)
Producer: Jack Clements (2-10)
Producer: Mel Efros (1)
Co-producer: Geoffrey Hemwall

Observations[edit | edit source]

  • Sydney tells Duncan what the levels of VR are which are what we see in the opening credits.
  • Duncan admits to idolizing Syd's father. He describes the relationship between the Bloom sisters as being one based on one-upsmanship.
  • Morgan shows up in all the permutations of Syd's VR experience, further enforcing the idea that VR picks up on your subconscious and that Morgan was definitely in hers.

Spoilers[edit | edit source]

  • David Shaler described the episode: "There was no VR sequence between Syd and Nora, and there was no mention of her dad being with the Committee. This episode doesn't look like it was redone at all to reflect the new direction the show was taking, maybe because they never intended it to be seen, but it gives you a really good idea of how the writers intended the show to be like originally."
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