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"Control Freak" is the tenth episode of VR.5 that aired on April 28, 1995. This episode guide is from the VR.5 FAQ and was originally written by the authors of the FAQ.

Episode Information
Title Control Freak
Season 1
Episode 10
Airdate April 28, 1995
Written by   Naomi Janzen
Directed by   Michael Katleman
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Given the assignment of determining the motives and background of a man holding an airport's control tower hostage, Sydney uncovers a past attempt by the Committee to assassinate Oliver Sampson.

Cast and Crew[]

Main Cast[]

  • Lori Singer (Sydney Bloom)
  • Michael Easton (Duncan)
  • Anthony Head (Oliver Sampson)

Guest Stars[]

  • Markus Flanagan (Kyle Jarvis)
  • Tom Mardirosian (Ed Paterson)
  • Stephen Root (F.A.A. Negotiator)
  • Richard Penn (Unknown)
  • Carol Kiernan (Unknown)
  • Frank Whiteman (Unknown)
  • Johnny Moran (Unknown)
  • Cynthia Avila (Matilda)


Written by: Naomi Janzen
Directed by: Michael Katleman

VR.5 was created by: Adam Cherry, Geoffrey Hemwall, Michael Katleman, Jeannine Renshaw, and Thania St. John

Executive Producer: John Sacret Young
Co-executive Producer: Thania St. John
Co-executive Producer: Eric Blakeney (2,3,5,6,8)
Supervising Producer: Michael Katleman
Producer: Naomi Janzen (2-10)
Producer: Jack Clements (2-10)
Producer: Mel Efros (1)
Co-producer: Geoffrey Hemwall


  • Duncan, despite his philosophies, appears to be extremely cynical.
  • Sydney's VR software seems to be some kind of database--she can custom design settings that don't already exist.
  • The Other CAN lie in VR.5, or can at least avoid telling the truth.
  • Committee members don't always know each other (not really a surprise).
  • The Committee uses their seal on a ring (such as the one Joseph Bloom had) as an identification.


  • Oliver lied to the Committee to buy time for his own investigation and, upon confirming that a bomb had been planted to kill him, leaked some version of the truth about Kyle Jarvis to a newspaper-- together these indicate a shift in Oliver's loyalty.


The following contains SPOILERS.

  1. Who tried to kill Oliver? Why did they use such an indiscriminate method when they have been known to employ professionals who work "up close and personal" (like Jackson Boothe)? Why did they only try once?
    • (Speculation by Lisa Cunningham): The bomb may have been used to disguise the fact that Oliver was the target; there may also have been other attempts on his life that we don't know about.
  2. Does Oliver have a cover? How does he wield authority without one?