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If you have never heard about VR.5 this is the page for you. This article will discuss why your life isn't complete without VR.5

What is this show about?[]

This is a tricky question and the best way to answer it is to imagine is like this "The Matrix"+"Inception"=VR.5. "A girl uses dial-up to tap into people's subconscious" would be a simple way of putting things, but the show does a lot more. One thing that makes this show crazy is a third of every episode takes place in virtual reality and all of those scenes were filmed in black and white then painted over to make a really trippy scene.

This person does this a lot better than me:

Premise: Sydney Bloom is a telephone lineswoman with a tragic past and a lonely present. While tinkering with her home-made VR rig she makes the accidental discovery that she can not only tap into her own subconscious but draw others into specific scenarios herself; scenarios that she is often unable to control but ultimately have an effect on the thought processes and thus the behaviour of her unsuspecting partner, who remembers only the feelings evoked by the experience but not the experience itself. [1]